Core and Character

Check this guy out! He’s awesome, very happy with how our animals are turning out, which is what Emma and Mark have been working on for the last couple of weeks. They’ll be in the game and live for everyone to play with a week from Monday.

While the art team have been heads down on new stuff, the coders have been iterating through the live build, adding features, fixing bugs, plugging holes, getting services and APIs to play nice with each other. We’re working hard to refine the core loop we have, packing enough stuff in to do on your daily visits into the world of Flutter, while making sure its all balanced and intuitive. I’m pretty happy with a couple of huge simplifications to the pollination design I’ve made this week which should streamline the experience and not require you to plan your whole life around when you need to check back in with the game (we’re looking at you Hotel City!).

Jeff was unwell earlier this week, but is on the mend now so send him your positive healing energies and all that hippie stuff :)

Some cool links:

“Indie Game: The Movie” got funded through Kick Starter and is looking like an amazing documentation of the indie game dev spirit

Mark is bigtime in to the works of Adventure Time’s Fred Seibert

Darwin’s Beetle is both tireless, and ruthless

Zynga and Facebook conclude their very public squabble, with a favorable outcome for our chosen virtual currency solution (Facebook Credits)

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