Sunset in the Rainforest

It is with a heavy heart today that we announce Flutter for Facebook will be going offline on the 23rd December. But wait! This is not the end, but instead the beginning of a transformation that will take Flutter to whole new heights. We’ve had a fantastic time producing and maintaining Flutter, it’s a product we’re proud of and care for deeply, but for us to take it further we need to look at the game from the ground-up and address some of its key issues to ensure that it can become a mainstream success. We are a lot more experienced now than we were when we first designed the game, and have been working very very hard to design an approach for the next version of Flutter which is a far better core experience. So from 23rd December we will be going into our chrysalis, putting our heads down, and emerging with a much more spectacular creature :)

But we had to give this version of the game a proper farewell! So here’s what we’ve done for you guys to play with over the last couple of weeks:

  • All premium items except potions, powerups, and WWF items, are now purchasable with HD!
  • We’ve made an epic finale quest for our loyal fans involving a little magical mishap with the Owl.
  • The main forest is in sunset now, and in the last week will turn to nighttime before going to sleep
  • We have two new flower packs that will be going live for FREE over the next two weeks
We hope you’re all going to have an awesome time with your friends playing the game out through these final weeks. Thank you so much for all of your support, you dedication continually blows our minds. And remember, this might be an end, but it is also a very exciting new beginning