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  • UzuriBlogIt’s time to welcome a new set of butterflies to the rainforest, the beautiful Uzuri set from Africa. You’ll start seeing Uzuri flowers appear in the forest once you unlock the set, and can purchase Perfect Uzuri flowers in the store. The set also includes the “Legendary” Sunset Moth, which is now the toughest species to collect in the game.

    Thanks for sticking with us as we work through a few teething problems with the Facebook integration, we’re working hard to make the process smoother and have already submitted a new update to Apple which makes big improvements. You can expect that to drop next week, along with a new limited butterfly set event!

  • UpdatePreview

    We’ve just submitted our latest update to Apple which means that in around a week you guys get to benefit from the latest refinements to Flutter. Heres what to expect:

    • Attraction Flower Refinement. Each butterfly now has a unique recipe, and generalized region flowers have been replaced with all set specific flowers. This is in response to a lot of player’s voicing frustration about butterflies sharing the same recipe, and constantly not getting what you want. It’s now much clearer what you need to do to get those special species, but be warned, to balance this out we have made flowers for the later sets very valuable and hard to find
    • Social! You can now link your account with Facebook and invite your friends along to play with you! All your Facebook friends who play the game will be listed in a leader-board based on their Flutterpedia Score, and you’ll be able to gift each other Flutterbucks on a daily basis (up to 5 can be gifted per player per day). Note that we have big plans to refine this feature in the future, and the Flutterbucks gift is a placeholder for an even cooler free gift idea we have in the works.
    • New limited butterflies. Our first event was such a hit, we’re following up with a special new event set next weekend.
    • iOS 6 required. This is to take advantage of the latest iOS refinements and optimisations, and focus our support on a more narrow band of devices / software to make sure our players get the best experience possible. This now means the game will not be playable on iPad 1, as it has been struggling to provide an acceptable experience to players. If you’re not already on iOS6, update in Settings > General > Software Update

    We’re already hard at work on the next update which will introduce two very cool new characters into the forest. Also you can look forward to a mini-event this weekend where we’ll put a big item on sale and give all our players an exciting boost for the weekend.

  • Leafwing_Blog

    Yesterday we wrapped up our first ever in game event, giving the community 10 days to collect the limited Leafwing set of butterflies. We’re absolutely thrilled with the response and wanted to thank all those who took part. Based on the event’s success we’ll be running many more of them, so you can look forward to all sorts of awesome new species and challenges coming to the game over the next few months. We have so many great ideas about how to make the game better, and are excited to be receiving the level of support for the game where we can continue to invest time and energy in making it the best game it can possibly be.

    There was a little confusion around exactly how the end of the event would work, with any collected or purchased Leafwing flowers turning into Honeydew at the event’s end. For future events we’ll do a post here, and link it from the game, with all the specific rules of the game to make sure everyone is clear.

    We’re working to submit our next version of the game to Apple today, so aiming to release around this time next week. It includes some great refinements to the core game, including more special abilities, flower system refinements, and a new super rare set of butterflies for players towards the end of the game to strive for.

    Thanks for playing!

  • FlutterpediaUpdate

    Hey Flutter players, before we set our first event live we wanted to address some fan concern about an adjustment we made to the system for scoring Flutterpedia points. We changed the system so that points are scored now exclusively for discovering and leveling up new species. So leveling up the same species over and over will no longer produce points. However! You now get way more points for leveling up new species, so the game is balanced out, but the focus is on expanding your Flutterpedia as opposed to just grinding away on the same old species. It was always our intention for this to be the focus of the gameplay, and this refinement was required after we saw how the game was being played out in the wild.

    We appreciate our messaging was sloppy on this and sincerely sorry if this change has upset you. We’ll do better in the future to keep you better informed of upcoming game refinements so you feel more in the loop.

    For those of you that have maxed out all the species, there’s a new set coming this afternoon! And then after the event finishes not only do we have more special sets coming, we have an awesome new feature in the works for you to unlock the mysterious “Unknown Sets”. Please be patient with us we’re working hard to get these done to quality as fast as we can :)

    Thanks for playing!

  • Buzzy

    This weekend we released a new update for Flutter with a ton of new features. The star of the show is our first premium “forest helper”, who you can purchase for Flutterbucks and adds a cute new face to your forest. The Bumble Bee is also a great help for your flowers, doubling the production of a flower shift once every 12 hours. We’ve got a bunch of ideas for more cool characters so if you like him then visit the Shop from the main menu and we’ll be sure to add more in the coming updates.


    The other really big change is our new inventory system. This is a way tidier view to see all your butterflies, storage, and flowers. You’ll also notice the Shop uses this layout. You can now sell flowers, and fuse them faster than ever. Last week we added the ability to sell butterflies, which was a big request. Unfortunately we didn’t realize how much of an effect this would have on players progression through the game, so it threw things out of balance. In response we had to reduce the number of base storage slots to 4 instead of 10. If you’d like to speed through the game quicker or have more species to call on at any time, you have the option to expand your storage with Flutterbucks.

    There’s lots more in the works from here, in particular we have an exciting update coming very soon where you’ll be introduced to some new butterflies, and perhaps even some neat little magical powers :) Thanks for playing and supporting the game!

  • Our lead artist Emma is the star of our second video blog where she talks about her process and the art for the game. Have any questions for Emma or the team about how the game is made? Post them in the comments! And of course download the game here to create your very own butterfly sanctuary

  • In this first of our video blogs we talk about Flutter’s direction and the overall feeling we’re trying to give our players. We’ll be releasing one of these a week for the next 5 weeks to give you a behind the scenes look at what goes into making the game. If you have any questions about the development process or suggestions for future features we’d love to hear them!

  • FlutterBlog

    Download from the App Store

    We’re excited and proud to finally share our latest game with you, an entirely new way to experience the rainforest and raise butterflies through their incredible lifecycle. Flutter for iOS focuses on building your own little Butterfly Sanctuary, where you can bring to life dozens of real life species rendered as cute little caterpillars through to beautifully colourful, fluttering butterflies.

    A special thank you has to go out to the incredible 3rd party team at DeNA, our publisher in San Francisco who we’ve worked with closely to bring you the game. They’ve been an enormous support along with the NHNZ team who we work alongside here in New Zealand.

    So get playing! We hope you’ll enjoy the game and give us feedback. Remember this is just the beginning. The experience will grow and expand with time and our audience play a vital role in steering the direction of its evolution.

    Join us on Facebook here

    Support for Flutter iOS here

  • From all the team at Runaway, we hope you’ve had a fantastic holiday period with friends and family, and are ready for a big 2013.

    We’re back! In the office and rearing to go, theres lots to do and some exciting times ahead. As we mentioned at the end of last year, the game is all done, with submission to come in a couple of days. From there we wait for approval and co-ordinate with our partners to lock down a specific launch date. iOS is coming first, so once that’s submitted we’ll be looking to polish up the Android version and make sure its ready for release not too long afterwards. We also need to be ready for maintaining the live product, so that means preparing servers, analytics, community pages, etc so that everyone has the best possible experience and we can respond quickly to live game activity. You can also look forward to trailers and behind the scenes videos coming up with the game’s release.

    Can’t wait to get the game into your hands, and thanks for all your patience as we’ve worked hard to get the whole package together.

  • After months and months of very hard work we are now preparing to submit v1.0 of Flutter Mobile to the App Store! This is a super exciting time for us and we can’t wait to see what you think of the game.

    A quick heads up to let you know we’ll be doing a test launch where for a couple of weeks it will be available in a few select territories. This allows us to check a lot of the statistics in the game’s progression, make sure all the servers and working the way they should, etc.

    So if you’re in Australia, New Zealand, or Canada you’ll get to try the game a couple of weeks ahead of everyone else. Stay tuned for final live date, but no matter where in the world you are, everyone will be playing before Christmas :)

    [UPDATE] Good news: The game is done! Bad news: We’ve been held up a little with the release process so we’re now looking to launch in the new year, late January. So sorry for the delay, but the wait will be worth it!

  • That there is one of the brand new brazil nut storage barns (or ‘Payols’) that you guys made possible. You heard right, the project that you funded through the purchase of special WWF items in Flutter is well underway and already helping to support the Amazon communities of Lourdes and Tumbito.

    Two of the total eight Payol’s are already in use with the further six under construction. These barns shield the local farmer’s sustainable crops from the elements, dramatically reducing spoilage, increasing revenue to the community, and helping them be a shining example of how sustainable farming is the future of the rainforest.

    Think about that for a second. Because you guys cared about a sustainable future enough to actually put your money where your month is, now we can show you physical things that you’ve built in the real world Amazon Rainforest by playing in the virtual rainforest. Pretty special.

    So a huge thanks to those that took part, and to the amazing people at WWF New Zealand and WWF Bolivia who helped us make this happen.

    More where this came from, we’re just getting started!

  • We have an awesome opportunity for two aspiring game developers to join us here in the studio over the summer. One programer, and one artist.

    You must have at least completed your third year at a tertiary institution, and be able to show us working code or a striking visual portfolio. The programmer will work with the team on Flutter to create experimental new gameplay mechanics, while the artist with work alongside our in-house team to develop concepts for upcoming game projects (characters, environments, storyboards, etc).

    These are paid internships spanning 12 weeks, 10 working weeks with a two week break for Christmas. Start date is 19th of November.

    You have to be quick! Applications close 26th of October. Send me an email with a link to a playable build of your game or portfolio to [email protected]

  • We want to take a moment to send a special thank you to all those fans who supported Flutter during its run on Facebook. We are incredibly proud of the game and generous to the huge following it amassed. The game was a great creative success, but ultimately operating a game on Facebook is a huge investment, and Flutter wasn’t covering itself. The decision was an incredibly hard one, most of all for the team who spent the better part of 18 months living and breathing the game. Unfortunately bringing a new Flutter back to Facebook was not an option we could take, but we are really excited to be seeing the game reach its full potential on mobile devices (p.s. the game will still be FREE to play on mobile).

    So! We’d like to throw you a couple of free treats to remember the original Flutter. Firstly here are a couple of high-res wallpapers of artwork from the original to adorn your desktop (click the thumbnails for full size images to download)

    And secondly, we’ve remastered the soundtrack for the game and made it available as a free downloadable EP on Bandcamp. When you go to the page click “Buy Now” and just enter $0 for the purchase price. The download also includes the wallpapers.

    Thanks again everyone, sorry we can’t come back to Facebook for now, but hopefully you can get behind our future developments and spread the good word for more beautiful games inspired by nature.

  • We’d like to announce that the new version of Flutter is going to be exclusively for iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets. Now, we understand the change in platform will be a tough pill for some of our Facebook fans to swallow, but there are some good reasons for the move:

    • Play Style. New Flutter is all about building a nursery and collecting rare butterflies. This quick burst, nurturing gameplay is perfectly suited to soak up those spare minutes in your day wherever you are
    • Market. Mobile is booming big time, and Facebook is an increasingly costly environment to compete in. As a small team with a unique proposition, mobile is a better commercial fit for us right now.
    • Focus. Our last couple of games got us well aquatinted with mobile platforms and as a small team we wanted to focus in on one platform that we could become really competent on.
    • Graphics. It was always tough for us to achieve our artistic vision for the game within a browser, especially with the huge range of hardware out there. With increasingly powerful graphics and amazing screens on mobile devices, we can up our game’s presentation.
    • Touch. Guiding butterflies around with your finger and being able to touch the environment just rocks.
    The game is looking awesome, and we look forward to showing you more soon. We’re also incredibly excited that we are partnering with one of the greatest mobile developers and publishers on the planet to release the game, so many more cool announcements to come soon.
  • We’re having an awesome time working away on our all new Flutter, so thought it was time to share a new image and some details with you. Here’s a sneak peak at the refined caterpillars and butterflies from the game. Our ultimate goal this time around is for you to develop a special connection to your little creatures, for them to have an emotional range and be able to respond to your presence in a way that makes you feel awesome. This is a game very much about nurturing, collecting and raising a wide variety of beautiful species. You’re going to build an environment to be proud of; one that lights up each time you come back.

    Another thing we wanted to point out again and perhaps make clearer: the new version of Flutter is going to be a completely new experience. We are redeveloping from the ground up, using all the great lessons we learnt from the original and making a better, more focused experience. While this means there’s going to be a whole lot of new stuff to play with, it does mean that this is not a continuation of the old game, and hence will not use your old collections etc. We understand this might be a bit of a bummer, but we think you’ll be excited enough by the new game that it will be totally worth it :)

    All new Flutter is coming late summer (US time) and we’ll continue to bring updates here and on Facebook.

  • Download Howling Mouse for FREE from the App Store

    If you love the first 10 levels you can purchase three more zones for 99c a pop. We’ve also added a neat “Super Mouse” upgrade that makes your mouse indestructible for those challenges that are just a little too much. This is a really exciting upgrade for us as it’s the first time we’ve done in-app purchases for mobile, as well as integrating an advertising network to support the free version. The free-to-play model certainly looks like it’s the future of mobile so it’s a great thing for us to test the waters on.

    So jump on in, tell us what you think, and rescue those babies from the clutches of the Great Horned Owl!

  • Here’s a quick sneak peak of the update for Howling Mouse we have in the works. For those of you hungry for more levels and challenge, this is certainly going to bring it!

    Those that watch our Flutter fan page on Facebook closely will have also noticed a little teaser image on there. It gives a bit of insight into the direction we’re taking the game, and will be followed soon by a few announcements about what you can expect from the new version of the game.

  • hero

    Robot Software


  • Happy New Year everyone! We’re so excited to be kicking off 2012 all guns blazing, heads down on a project we care for very dearly and many more opportunities on the horizon.

    The start of a project is always an energetic and fun filled time, but it also plays an incredibly important role in setting the expectations, direction, and ultimate vision for a product. Given how much potential we think this game has, we’re taking that very seriously and making sure we incorporate all our learnings from prior projects to ensure this is our absolute best.

    In other news, the office has been completely taken over by Hero Academy fever. If you have an iPhone you should get it immediately!

    Oh and by the way, has everyone picked up a copy of Howling Mouse? If not you really should go ahead and do so. We have a cool update coming out in a few weeks too.

  • It is with a heavy heart today that we announce Flutter for Facebook will be going offline on the 23rd December. But wait! This is not the end, but instead the beginning of a transformation that will take Flutter to whole new heights. We’ve had a fantastic time producing and maintaining Flutter, it’s a product we’re proud of and care for deeply, but for us to take it further we need to look at the game from the ground-up and address some of its key issues to ensure that it can become a mainstream success. We are a lot more experienced now than we were when we first designed the game, and have been working very very hard to design an approach for the next version of Flutter which is a far better core experience. So from 23rd December we will be going into our chrysalis, putting our heads down, and emerging with a much more spectacular creature :)

    But we had to give this version of the game a proper farewell! So here’s what we’ve done for you guys to play with over the last couple of weeks:

    • All premium items except potions, powerups, and WWF items, are now purchasable with HD!
    • We’ve made an epic finale quest for our loyal fans involving a little magical mishap with the Owl.
    • The main forest is in sunset now, and in the last week will turn to nighttime before going to sleep
    • We have two new flower packs that will be going live for FREE over the next two weeks
    We hope you’re all going to have an awesome time with your friends playing the game out through these final weeks. Thank you so much for all of your support, you dedication continually blows our minds. And remember, this might be an end, but it is also a very exciting new beginning
  • Today another awe inspiring animated background has been added to the world of Flutter. Check out the WWF store to see the raw power of nature unleashed in the new “Thunder Storm” background. As always you can add it to your own grove for just 40 Facebook Credits. This is also a WWF item so remember this helps meet our target to build sustainable farming facilities in the Amazon.

    Speaking of which: 90% of the way there! That’s so close guys, cant wait for us to hit it :)

    Higher level players will find an incredibly cute new story quest awaiting them as the fruit bat looks to welcome a new addition to the family.

    We also have an exciting new announcement coming in the next week as we’ll be launching Flutter with a big player in the casual / social gaming space. Stay tuned.

  • You asked for it, you got it!

    More quests have arrived in Flutter, and not just one or two, but more than 50! We’ve built out a new system which gives you a new quest every day. That means more daily XP, and a new way to help the rainforest every day. Can’t wait till tomorrow? For just 10 Facebook Credits you can get yourself another quest straight away. This new system has taken a ton of work but now that its in there we’ll regularly be adding more and more quests to keep everyone busy in the rainforest. Got some ideas of quests for the system? Let us know!

    Get hunting for the red forest spirit to pick up your daily quest, and if you want more you can pick them up in the Power Ups tab.

    Also very importantly: we’re 78% of the way toward reaching our fund raising target to help our the Amazon! Let’s band together and help these guys out team, we’re so close to making a huge impact on this community’s life.

  • A Pygmy Marmoset monkey, a rich Heliconia (which your Hummingbird will love!) and some cheerful glow flowers have today been added to the WWF store.

    Every time you purchase one of these cute little critters – all real-life flora and fauna of the Amazon – you contribute directly to sustainable nut farming communities in Bolivia.

    Flutter is inspired by the Amazon, so we want to give back to the very environment that was our muse.

    The indigenous people of Versalles and Mategua are fighting for a sustainable Amazon by growing Brazil nuts instead of logging. But these guys are under-resourced, so they need your help to upgrade their operations and lead the way to a sustainable future.

    We’ve set a target to build 8 Payols (Brazil Nut storage barns) that will dramatically increase the productivity of these harvests by protecting nuts from spoilage.

    Every item purchased from the WWF counts and we’re over halfway there already with your contributions to date. So let’s do this together and increase the quality of life for these amazing people.

  • Next week we take the adventure deeper into the rainforest. We’ll open a new environment, introduce you to a new creature, add a new daily action, and tease the look and feel of the second main forest area. We also have some great new items coming to the WWF store and a really exciting announcement about the work we’re helping with in Bolivia.

    Stay tuned, will be an exciting week :)

  • We’re looking for a talented and enthusiastic programmer to join our team on the development of our latest iPhone game inspired by an incredible work of nature.You’ll work with the wider team to build a polished game product from a strong established gameplay mechanic previously developed through an extensive prototyping phase. It’s a character fueled 2D adventure associated with one of the biggest brands in factual entertainment and will be a challenging and rewarding project. 

    Skills Required

    • Exemplary object-oriented programming ability
    • Proven ability to ship a polished product, preferably a game
    • Excellent written English and teamwork skills
    • Passion for great games and drive to iterate a highly refined, fun gameplay experience


    • Objective C experience
    • iPhone SDK experience
    • Specialty in 2D graphics animation and “bling effects”


    • 8 week on-site fixed term contract in Dunedin, New Zealand
    • 18th July – 9th September
    • Competitive weekly rate (advised on application)

    Apply with CV and sample code / project to: [email protected] by 4th July 2011