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  • We’ve released an awesome update for our higher level players today with the release of the Master Potions in the Magic Cauldron. This also includes a new “Blazing Orchid Chest” potion, opening up a new collection of 6 rare and beautiful orchids. You’ll find three new quests to complete, two based around the cauldron and the new orchids, with the third based on the new Lucky Dips. These can be brewed in the cauldron or bought with credits, and are for sharing with your friends to give them a surprise gift. What a treat!

    You’ll notice we’ve shuffled a couple of potions around also, adding a new “Honey Dust Scramble” potion to the Beginner recipes. This is one of my favorite potions, adding a new challenge for you to grab as much valuable Honeydew as possible in 20 seconds! Those faster butterflies would really help you out here.

    Last but certainly not least: You can now take screenshots and post them to your Facebook albums through the game! Not only can you capture the screen you can see, but in the grove you can take a picture of the whole thing in one frame. So get snapping by using the camera (screenshot) and photo (grove shot) icons in the bottom right next to your friends. This is something players have been asking for for a while so we’re thrilled to release it, and will be running a competition here on the blog to see who can create the best grove. Stay tuned for details.

    Next week we have some new decorations for you, and we’ll be putting a lot of work into streamlining the core gameplay to make the game a little more accessible to the widest range of players. This will lay the foundation for some exciting new expansions to the world which we can’t wait to show you.

  • How bout epiciphyte? Maybe too much of a mouthful. Well we decided to go with Super Bromeliad to keeps things a little simpler. That blue version of the epiphyte produces Super Water that your Fruit Tree will just love.

    Another very exciting (and much requested) additional this week is Moss and Vines for the grove. Now you can make your home feel really bedded-in.

    We have a very exciting update coming for you next week which is going to bring with it a very creative competition. I’ll give you a little hint: brush up on your grove decoration skills. We’re also adding some cool new critters to the forest next week who will liven the place up a bit.

    Stayed tuned and thanks as always for your wonderful support.

  • What an awesome week! Facebook decided to feature us on the games dashboard which has brought in a huge surge of new players. It’s been a big learning experience for us as the servers had to scale very quickly, but we’re happy that everything is running smoothly and the game should be loading for you all. If anyone has any issues with loading you can help us optimise the game further by sending info about the error or problem to [email protected]

    So to all our new players: Welcome! It’s great to have you along on the journey and we love your feedback so please send it through.

    Based on this great surge of success for the game we are very excited to announce we’ll be moving the dev team back on to Flutter! We’ll be working to refine the game and add some new items and functionality, and if we continue to grow this month we’ll be locking in a long term plan to scale the game even further which is hugely exciting. We have so many great ideas both from within the team, and from our community, and can’t wait to get started on it all.

    As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve just launched some new quests! These include 8 new magic potions to brew, 2 new types of seed chests, 5 unique orchid flowers to collect, and a new Nurturer quest to complete. These should keep you guys busy while we get to work on more :)

    Thank you so much to our passionate and supportive community of players. You’re the best. Now let’s make this game a hit!

  • Available now in the store! Place this little green chest in your grove and water it for 3 days for it to become a pop-able Seed Chest. You can have up to 5 going at any one time. We’ve put the same cap on number of bromeliads in the grove for technical and game balance reasons.

    Remember you can drop a luck potion on these to turn them into a rare seed chest, which is bound to give you a super awesome item.

    We’ve also released three new “explosion” flowers for you to shower over your grove.

    Next week we’ll have another small content update like this, then the week after we’ll be opening that glowing door in the forest to reveal a very exciting new space that will keep you guys busy for a while :)

  • We’ve just released a big update which adds a whole lot more character and life to the rainforest. These will be the last big updates for the current area, so now we can move on to the next space! Here’s what’s new:

    Totem Quest

    Quite an epic challenge for you all with a reward that is worth every second. Makes the world feel a little more magical, and very keen to hear what you guys think of these sorts of problem solving quests. Good luck!

    Hidden Bugs

    We’ve also changed the way that the hidden bugs work. As opposed to getting XP for finding them, there is now a third Out of Sight quest which awards you two of the bugs to take back to your grove.

    Premium Item Store

    Some really neat premium items including a brand new butterfly and my favorite, a spectacular animated waterfall background with glowing rainbow and flying birds! We also have new flowers, a Monkey Grasshopper, special epiphytes, and a Brazil Nut Tree which produces nuts for a 2x XP bonus with your Toucan.

    Thanks to everyone who has picked up some premium items so far. As a very small development team these purchases fund the game’s on-going opperation and development. We hope that you find them valuable and as always, we love your feedback and ideas.