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  • Tuning

    It’s been a super busy couple of weeks for the team here at Runaway HQ. We rolled out a refinement to our social system within Flutter to give players the option to connect with friends through Game Center, and share their progress on Facebook. Unfortunately we were a little hasty to get these changes out the door which resulted in a live version of the game which really wasn’t as stable as it should have been. Our focus has been on getting a consistent stream of content to our players to keep everyone engaged and challenged, but we decided its time to take a week to focus solely on performance and stability to make sure our community have a smooth experience with the game. Clean up time!

    So this week we’re putting polish into our next update, which not only includes a lot of tech fixes, but some great refinements to one of our event structures which we’ve made after listening to feedback from players. We’ve also created a cool new reward system for completing sets and missions, along with a bunch of new species to collect.

    Lots to look forward to! As always thanks for your support everyone and you’ll hear from us again this next coming weekend with something new.


  • Tsubasa_Blog

    We wrapped up out latest event on Sunday, featuring the new Tsubasa set of butterflies from Japan. Thanks everyone who took part, and welcome to all the new players that found the game through Apple’s feature of us during the last update!

    Things have been crazy busy in San Francisco. It’s been wall to wall meetings as we discuss the future of Runaway’s portfolio with a range of partners and advisors, most importantly our publisher DeNA where there has been a mini Runaway HQ camped out for the last two weeks. Off to the East Coast on Sunday to meet with our factual channel partners and bask in the crazy hot weather they’ve been having over there.

    For those of you that are quick to update your apps, you will have seen a couple of new features pop up. More on that later when we push the update out to everyone. We also have a very exciting competition coming up this weekend so keep an eye on the Facebook page to take part.

  • devupdate

    We’ve had a crazy busy week, but now Flutter version 1.61 has been submitted to Apple and we’re really excited to get it into player’s hands. It has a big new feature we’ve been meaning to get in since last year, and only just now found the time to do it right. We’ll leave the full surprise for next week, but it involves a new character and a cool new challenge which will test your knowledge of the Flutter world.

    There are a ton of exciting events coming up. We’ve been spending the last few days mapping out the cadence of our releases and events right through to the end of the year so we can get a bearing on all the assets and features we’re going to need to deliver the player base a regular stream of engaging new content and species.

    Tim sets sail end of next week for Casual Connect in San Francisco, and is following the conference up with a few weeks onsite with DeNA to plan the future of the game (and perhaps even some new ones!). So if you’re around the bay area and want to catch up, pop us a line :)


  • FlutterBlog

    Download from the App Store

    We’re excited and proud to finally share our latest game with you, an entirely new way to experience the rainforest and raise butterflies through their incredible lifecycle. Flutter for iOS focuses on building your own little Butterfly Sanctuary, where you can bring to life dozens of real life species rendered as cute little caterpillars through to beautifully colourful, fluttering butterflies.

    A special thank you has to go out to the incredible 3rd party team at DeNA, our publisher in San Francisco who we’ve worked with closely to bring you the game. They’ve been an enormous support along with the NHNZ team who we work alongside here in New Zealand.

    So get playing! We hope you’ll enjoy the game and give us feedback. Remember this is just the beginning. The experience will grow and expand with time and our audience play a vital role in steering the direction of its evolution.

    Join us on Facebook here

    Support for Flutter iOS here

  • From all the team at Runaway, we hope you’ve had a fantastic holiday period with friends and family, and are ready for a big 2013.

    We’re back! In the office and rearing to go, theres lots to do and some exciting times ahead. As we mentioned at the end of last year, the game is all done, with submission to come in a couple of days. From there we wait for approval and co-ordinate with our partners to lock down a specific launch date. iOS is coming first, so once that’s submitted we’ll be looking to polish up the Android version and make sure its ready for release not too long afterwards. We also need to be ready for maintaining the live product, so that means preparing servers, analytics, community pages, etc so that everyone has the best possible experience and we can respond quickly to live game activity. You can also look forward to trailers and behind the scenes videos coming up with the game’s release.

    Can’t wait to get the game into your hands, and thanks for all your patience as we’ve worked hard to get the whole package together.

  • We’re having an awesome time working away on our all new Flutter, so thought it was time to share a new image and some details with you. Here’s a sneak peak at the refined caterpillars and butterflies from the game. Our ultimate goal this time around is for you to develop a special connection to your little creatures, for them to have an emotional range and be able to respond to your presence in a way that makes you feel awesome. This is a game very much about nurturing, collecting and raising a wide variety of beautiful species. You’re going to build an environment to be proud of; one that lights up each time you come back.

    Another thing we wanted to point out again and perhaps make clearer: the new version of Flutter is going to be a completely new experience. We are redeveloping from the ground up, using all the great lessons we learnt from the original and making a better, more focused experience. While this means there’s going to be a whole lot of new stuff to play with, it does mean that this is not a continuation of the old game, and hence will not use your old collections etc. We understand this might be a bit of a bummer, but we think you’ll be excited enough by the new game that it will be totally worth it :)

    All new Flutter is coming late summer (US time) and we’ll continue to bring updates here and on Facebook.

  • Happy New Year everyone! We’re so excited to be kicking off 2012 all guns blazing, heads down on a project we care for very dearly and many more opportunities on the horizon.

    The start of a project is always an energetic and fun filled time, but it also plays an incredibly important role in setting the expectations, direction, and ultimate vision for a product. Given how much potential we think this game has, we’re taking that very seriously and making sure we incorporate all our learnings from prior projects to ensure this is our absolute best.

    In other news, the office has been completely taken over by Hero Academy fever. If you have an iPhone you should get it immediately!

    Oh and by the way, has everyone picked up a copy of Howling Mouse? If not you really should go ahead and do so. We have a cool update coming out in a few weeks too.

  • It is with a heavy heart today that we announce Flutter for Facebook will be going offline on the 23rd December. But wait! This is not the end, but instead the beginning of a transformation that will take Flutter to whole new heights. We’ve had a fantastic time producing and maintaining Flutter, it’s a product we’re proud of and care for deeply, but for us to take it further we need to look at the game from the ground-up and address some of its key issues to ensure that it can become a mainstream success. We are a lot more experienced now than we were when we first designed the game, and have been working very very hard to design an approach for the next version of Flutter which is a far better core experience. So from 23rd December we will be going into our chrysalis, putting our heads down, and emerging with a much more spectacular creature :)

    But we had to give this version of the game a proper farewell! So here’s what we’ve done for you guys to play with over the last couple of weeks:

    • All premium items except potions, powerups, and WWF items, are now purchasable with HD!
    • We’ve made an epic finale quest for our loyal fans involving a little magical mishap with the Owl.
    • The main forest is in sunset now, and in the last week will turn to nighttime before going to sleep
    • We have two new flower packs that will be going live for FREE over the next two weeks
    We hope you’re all going to have an awesome time with your friends playing the game out through these final weeks. Thank you so much for all of your support, you dedication continually blows our minds. And remember, this might be an end, but it is also a very exciting new beginning
  • Next week we take the adventure deeper into the rainforest. We’ll open a new environment, introduce you to a new creature, add a new daily action, and tease the look and feel of the second main forest area. We also have some great new items coming to the WWF store and a really exciting announcement about the work we’re helping with in Bolivia.

    Stay tuned, will be an exciting week :)

  • Good news team, there’s now a very good reason to visit Flutter more than once a day!

    Recently we revised the way the flower beds worked. We did this to bring them in line with all other resources in the rainforest in “recharging overnight”. This gives our game a unique differentiator in that you can pop in once a day (at any time that suits you) and really feel like you’ve been productive, not pressured to come back every five minutes. This is in line with the more relaxing nature of the game, and also makes the flowerbeds functionality a whole lot easier to understand.

    However! We recognize that some fans are very keen to return more than once a day, so we wanted to make sure there was something for them to do and get a little bonus. New to the rainforest are “Honeydew Flowers” that you’ll find popping up around the place, with one appearing every hour (up to a max of six). These become worth more as you progress, so they’re still meaningful for higher level players. All flower beds orange? One of these will be worth one orange flower.

    Also, the Honey Dust will now regenerate every 6 hours, giving you even more to pick up!

    We’re happy this update gives the best of both worlds in that the main Honeydew collection source supports our casual, once a day players, while those keen to return more can get a little advantage for their dedication.

    Look forward to your feedback as always

    P.S. Thanks again for all your feedback on the new interface items, we’ve been listening and making refinements through the week, so as a little thank you we’ve sent you all a free pack containing: “Instant Grow Formula” “Blue Seed” “Instant Brew Formula” and a “Luck Potion!”. Have fun :)

  • Today we’re really excited to release some updates to the core interactions in Flutter that move us closer to a more intuitive, lightweight experience for our daily players. These updates are informed by months of quantitative analysis on player data, and qualitative feedback from both experts and everyday players. Here’s a rundown on what we’ve changed and why:

    Contextual Interactions: For new players and seasoned veterans (developers included!) we found it could be laborious and confusing to know what you should be dragging-and-dropping to keep your rainforest alive and at full productivity. To combat this we developed a system that would clearly show for each object in your world, what its state was, and what actions you could perform on it. With one click you can now expand and upgrade flower beds, feed animals and apply potions. This significantly smooths out the difficulty curve for new players, and makes the daily cycle for experienced players that much more straight forward.

    Reminder Bubbles: We needed to make it clearer where there was something in the world that needed your attention, so alongside these new menus we’ve integrated a neat little bubble that alerts you when an item or creature needs your help. No more will you aimlessly flutter about the forest wondering what to do next, the inhabitants of the Amazon will just pop up a friendly reminder.

    Daily Honeydew: One of the things that makes Flutter great is the fact you can just pop in once a day. A while ago we updated the harvesting system to take into account your local timezone and have the rainforest “recharge” overnight. This meant that no matter what time of day you found a few minutes to check in, you’d still get a full benefit of a daily harvest. We’ve now brought the pollination flowers in line with the idea, so you just have to pop them once a day to get your full 24 hours worth of Honeydew!

    These changes don’t come lightly, and for our existing player base we appreciate that change in the world that you have come to know and love can be tough. We as players love the newfound fluidity that these updates have introduced to the game, and we’re confident they will lead to a better experience for all.

    As always we are close knit with our community and appreciate all of the constructive feedback and generous support we receive from our passionate player base. As such we will continue to refine these new interactions and the game as a whole in partnership with our devoted fans.

    Thanks again for all your support as we strive to make Flutter one of the best games on the Facebook platform :)

  • Hey Flutter fans, just a quick update to let you know we’ve had our heads down working on some really cool updates to the game which will make it easier to learn, smoother to play, and lay the foundation for all our future extensions of the rainforest.

    A lot of new players have found it hard to deal with the game’s complexity, especially when having to drop special items on special objects in the world. That frustration is going to come to an end very soon as we introduce a one-click system for interacting with objects that magically knows what everything in the rainforest wants! You’ll get to see it in action very soon, and hope you enjoy the new fluidity it’ll add to your trips through the forest.

    I’d also like to take this chance to welcome our new Community Manager, Donnelle, to the team. She’ll be round to help you guys out if you have technical problems, game suggestions, etc. We’re really excited to have her on board to ensure we stay right up to speed with our community, and that we’re doing the best we can to make the game better for our players. Join us in welcoming Donnelle here, or pop her an email with a question or suggestion at[email protected]

    Hang tight for a very cool update end of this week :)

  • We’ve released an awesome update for our higher level players today with the release of the Master Potions in the Magic Cauldron. This also includes a new “Blazing Orchid Chest” potion, opening up a new collection of 6 rare and beautiful orchids. You’ll find three new quests to complete, two based around the cauldron and the new orchids, with the third based on the new Lucky Dips. These can be brewed in the cauldron or bought with credits, and are for sharing with your friends to give them a surprise gift. What a treat!

    You’ll notice we’ve shuffled a couple of potions around also, adding a new “Honey Dust Scramble” potion to the Beginner recipes. This is one of my favorite potions, adding a new challenge for you to grab as much valuable Honeydew as possible in 20 seconds! Those faster butterflies would really help you out here.

    Last but certainly not least: You can now take screenshots and post them to your Facebook albums through the game! Not only can you capture the screen you can see, but in the grove you can take a picture of the whole thing in one frame. So get snapping by using the camera (screenshot) and photo (grove shot) icons in the bottom right next to your friends. This is something players have been asking for for a while so we’re thrilled to release it, and will be running a competition here on the blog to see who can create the best grove. Stay tuned for details.

    Next week we have some new decorations for you, and we’ll be putting a lot of work into streamlining the core gameplay to make the game a little more accessible to the widest range of players. This will lay the foundation for some exciting new expansions to the world which we can’t wait to show you.

  • The update this week brings a beautiful new vista to your grove through the New Dawn background. We’ve also added a new HD butterfly for our higher level players to collect (the Snowflake) along with some new premium flowers and HD flowers. Check out all the new stuff in the Feature Store or on the Grow panel in your grove.

    Speaking of panels and tabs, we’ve made some interface updates as well to make managing your items a little easier. Firstly, you can now expand the side panel view to show 4 items across by clicking ‘more’ at the top of the tabs. Want it smaller again so you can fly round with it open? Just click ‘less’ to switch back to the 2-wide option. There is now a “My Stuff” tab as well (looks like a little crate) which will just show you all the items in that category (Grow or Consumables) that you own (good for recycling lots of stuff to save for a high price item). Final change is breaking up the Consumables tab into Food, and Power Ups, as it was getting a little busy with only one tab!

    So the last couple of weeks have been spent busily bug-fixing and optimising the game. The exciting news? We have new features on the way which now we can really sink our teeth into. That means next week we’ll have some new quests to release! Can’t wait :)

  • You guys asked for it, so here it is, a new way to get more of those elusive fungi you need for your quests and potions!

    The Fungi Generator is a new functional item that sits in your grove, and will produce one of the 4 fungi a day for 5 days before recycling into a seed chest (the fungi is chosen randomly, remember to trade with friends!). We’ve also added a special version that produces Super Fungi (double XP when feeding to the beetle) and turns into a rare chest after 5 days. This super version is 20 Facebook Credits, but you can get the regular version for just 20,000 HD.

    You may also notice we’ve updated our top bar and hint system. Remember to click “Like” to keep up to date, and it’s always great for us to get positive reviews from our fans.

    What an exciting week! We’ve passed 300,000 users and are working on some very exciting new things for you to all play with. Thanks again to everyone for being so supportive :)

  • What an awesome week! Facebook decided to feature us on the games dashboard which has brought in a huge surge of new players. It’s been a big learning experience for us as the servers had to scale very quickly, but we’re happy that everything is running smoothly and the game should be loading for you all. If anyone has any issues with loading you can help us optimise the game further by sending info about the error or problem to [email protected]

    So to all our new players: Welcome! It’s great to have you along on the journey and we love your feedback so please send it through.

    Based on this great surge of success for the game we are very excited to announce we’ll be moving the dev team back on to Flutter! We’ll be working to refine the game and add some new items and functionality, and if we continue to grow this month we’ll be locking in a long term plan to scale the game even further which is hugely exciting. We have so many great ideas both from within the team, and from our community, and can’t wait to get started on it all.

    As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve just launched some new quests! These include 8 new magic potions to brew, 2 new types of seed chests, 5 unique orchid flowers to collect, and a new Nurturer quest to complete. These should keep you guys busy while we get to work on more :)

    Thank you so much to our passionate and supportive community of players. You’re the best. Now let’s make this game a hit!

  • We’ve kicked off the new year with a fresh lick of paint on Flutter, dialing up the sparkle factor big time! Over the last two weeks we’ve added in more feedback for when you interact with the environment, and revamped the intro tutorial to make the game easier to pick up. There’s never been a better time to invite your friends to play.

    You’ll find now that the moment-to-moment play is a lot more rewarding with clear and exciting feedback for quest progression, leveling up, pollinating flowers and harvesting items.

    We’ve also added in a ton of new social posts so you can share all your achievements on your wall. Here’s a sneak peak at some of the post graphics, can you guess what they’re all for?

    Our focus now is growing that userbase! We’ll be working with the WWF to spread the word about our initiative with them, and working hard to get some buzz rockin round the internet.

    Not too long now before we’ll be able to let you know what we’ve been up to on the iPhone as well, excited to show you all. Hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Years, here’s to a huge 2011!

  • Since we launched Flutter, our focus has been on refining and adding depth to the grove and first forest level, making sure that their level of quality and life is of a standard we would expect for the expanding forest. With next weeks update, we’re happy we’re getting to that point (exciting stuff coming), so we’ve started to seriously conceptualise the deeper parts of the rainforest. We’d like to share our thoughts and concepts with you all to get your feedback and create this space together, as now with all these amazing new fans, the game is just as much yours as it is ours.

    The second forest area will see you dive deeper into the Amazon rainforest. It will be darker and more dense, yet full of colour and bustling with new life. We’re thinking of it kind of like the first forest level was your backyard, and this new area is like going to “the big smoke” for the first time. We want to make it feel like something is always happening, with or without your involvement. There will be more random events. The environment will change more, and there will be more characters to interact with.

    A cool example is the Titan Beetle. These guys are fighters and have their own agenda. You may come across a couple of them fighting on a branch. Now a butterfly wouldn’t stand a chance in that fight, but maybe you could put a wager on which one will win? We want to add in a whole lot of these random little encounters.

    The second area will also be a lot bigger than the first, but broken up in to smaller sub areas. This means we get a performance boost from handling less items, and gives us flexability to expand the area over time.

    Sprinkled through this area you’ll also find a number of doors which you can unlock with quests. They will lead to special rooms with mini-games, intriguing characters, and all sorts of treasures.

    All round this area will feel more “adventure gamey”. We will also work more on the first area to keep it as your harvesting spot, so if you just want to jump in for a quick bit of gaming, then you can just visit that area and still be progressing.

    So that’s the direction we think would be really cool, but we’d love to hear from YOU! What do you want to see in the game? What creatures, insects, flowers, features, games, puzzles, etc do you think would work great?

  • It’s really nice when things work out. Like our awesome new quest system, new grove, and revised layout to the forest. We were talking today about how difficult it is to nail that last 10% of any creative project, how you can find yourself lost in a soup of self doubt and hopelessness at struggling to find a solution that you can truly be proud of. But those times when you break through and end up with something awesome really make it worth while.

    We’ve decided on a live date, and it is Monday 2nd of August, 10 days from now. Exciting! We’ll also be ramping up our public exposure, starting with a new Twitter domination plan orchestrated by our resident funny-man Mark. You can follow us here, and here.

    If you’re in Dunedin and keen to do some play testing later next week, message us on Facebook or in the comments here. We’re getting brutal on refining the user experience and need fresh people’s clicks to analyse (wow that didn’t sound creepy at all).

    Couple of things that we thought were really cool this week:

    Transformer Owl

    Kevin Butler takes on New Zealand TV3

    Ian Bogost presents a Facebook game parodying Facebook games

    Final Staracraft 2 story trailer

  • Woah intensity. We’re into our final ~week of development before we reset for good, and while everything is looking awesome I gotta tell you, we’re certainly running this one down to the wire! We’ve responded to a stack of your feedback asking for tweaks to the movement, load time, and the implementation of a quest system. That info we get through the surveys and feedback form is hugely valuable so keep it coming.

    Oh, thats a peek at the new background graphic above. Heaps of the art assets have been overhauled and we’re working hard to make sure the environment is bursting with life (and secrets!).

    Thanks so much to those people that played through to Level 20 for us, you’ll be getting a real boost next week and we’ll announce who got there first very soon. The data we got from your play throughs has allowed us to adjust the XP model so its smoother and more rewarding to progress in the game. We’re very interested in hearing from everyone on what they like / dislike about: a) social posting through Facebook e.g. announcing an achievement on your wall, and b) premium item sets (what would be of huge value that you could see yourself paying for in the game). Fire us your comments below, on Facebook, or by email.

    We move into our new home in a few weeks, and we have also been quite into animated GIFs recently (swimming in our overtime madness) so these two facets of Runaway life bred this abomination:

    Hang tight, we’ll have something pretty awesome for you next week :)


    It’s been a grueling couple of weeks but we have arrived and Alpha Version 3 is now LIVE for you guys to play with.

    Please remember to take the survey as its incredibly import for us to gauge reaction to the game. We’ve now hooked it up so that if you click the link below the game and complete the survey, we’ll reward you with an extra 5,000 HD! (the bonus will be processed for you overnight)

    This version was a big deal for me as we crossed the line where I started having honest to goodness fun with our own game. It’s always been the objective of the game to feel warm, relaxed, connected to the natural world while letting players work towards something they can craft as their own. I felt that involuntarily, without having to fill in the blanks with my imagination, it’s just there. So now the more important part comes, to see if YOU get it too. New stuff:

    – Grove Expansion! You grove will get bigger at levels 3, 5, 10, and 15. These expansions also bring with them a Fruit Tree, Frog, Hummingbird, and Toucan

    – The Fruit Tree starts out little and will grow to soaring heights if you come back to water it daily

    – New creatures for your grove as above

    – Refined XP progression, blockages are now free to clear once you get to the required level. Yellow Seeds are now a big deal and could be the key to you advancing quickly (they make a flowerbed double in XP and HD)

    – Stacks of new foliage and flowers

    – Caterpillars now walk along the bottom of your grove, and are fed in the same way as other animals. Make sure you feed them the right host plant!

    – Visit your friend’s grove by clicking on their portrait. This will grow their Social Flower, and you’ll be able to harvest from their visitor flower

    – Gifting. You can drag any item out of your inventory and into your friend’s grove to leave it for them as a gift

    Stay tuned for details of a competition that could win you a serious in-game bonus when we start the game for real in a couple of weeks. We’re creating a race to level 20, so if you’re super keen to start you could begin …. oh… NOW! :)

  • Awesome feedback coming through from our testers. It’s hugely appreciated and as you can see above its already being put into great use in prioritising bugs / tweaks / feature requests. We’re now focusing on:

    • - Tutorial intro with dialogues to explain mechanics
    • - Tweaking flying to make navigation simpler
    • - Some quick framerate fixups
    • - Interaction with animals

    We’ll be fixing bugs through the week, with a big release and reboot happening next Tuesday. In the meantime keep firing in those ideas and see if you can get to the top of your friends leaderboard :)

  • It’s time! We’re very happy to announce that the beta is now live for all of our Facebook friends to try out. While its still early days we’re keen to see what you think of the core gameplay and help us refine our ideas on where to expand the game.

    Read the Beta Intro then Click here to play

    (NOTE: You must “Like” Runaway to be allowed access to the beta, this will allow us to stay in touch with testers)

    Also see above the first of our video blog episodes which will be coming to you roughly once a week, each focusing on a different part of our development process. Let us know what you think and what you’d like to see more of. Also when you’ve had a play of Flutter please remember to fill out the survey. It’ll only take one minute and it gives us hugely valuable feedback :)

  • Check this guy out! He’s awesome, very happy with how our animals are turning out, which is what Emma and Mark have been working on for the last couple of weeks. They’ll be in the game and live for everyone to play with a week from Monday.

    While the art team have been heads down on new stuff, the coders have been iterating through the live build, adding features, fixing bugs, plugging holes, getting services and APIs to play nice with each other. We’re working hard to refine the core loop we have, packing enough stuff in to do on your daily visits into the world of Flutter, while making sure its all balanced and intuitive. I’m pretty happy with a couple of huge simplifications to the pollination design I’ve made this week which should streamline the experience and not require you to plan your whole life around when you need to check back in with the game (we’re looking at you Hotel City!).

    Jeff was unwell earlier this week, but is on the mend now so send him your positive healing energies and all that hippie stuff :)

    Some cool links:

    “Indie Game: The Movie” got funded through Kick Starter and is looking like an amazing documentation of the indie game dev spirit

    Mark is bigtime in to the works of Adventure Time’s Fred Seibert

    Darwin’s Beetle is both tireless, and ruthless

    Zynga and Facebook conclude their very public squabble, with a favorable outcome for our chosen virtual currency solution (Facebook Credits)

  • We made it! The game is live on Facebook, all the elements have come together into a cohesive experience and our design focus shifts away from dreaming up user stories on paper to refining a playable experience. That’s a screenshot right there from the game playing, and you’ll be able to get your hands on it real soon.

    So what happens now? We’re going to spend about a week iterating and refining ahead of focus tests in house here at NHNZ. Watching people play through the first 5 levels of the game will give us some great feedback for ensuring everything is intuitive before kicking a version out the door for our Facebook fans. We then have a great feedback system for all you guys which will allow us to capture a ton of qualitative and quantitative data, all of which will mix into a close feedback loop as we iterate through the game. Through an 8 week process, we will expand the base of testers, add features, refine and reset the balance of the world, all in the quest to fine tune a fluid, rewarding, and meaningful gameplay experience.

    I’m personally very proud of where we are now, and hugely grateful for the supportive structure here at NHNZ which has given us the time to refine this game to be all that it can be as opposed to kicking something average out the door. We’re very lucky to have such an awesome team here, let’s get cracking on some serious spit and polish guys!

    Neat new things this week:

    1. The Humble Indie Bundle raise over $1 million for indie developers and charities
    2. Steam comes to Mac with free Portal
    3. Zynga and Facebook butting heads over credits and the constantly evolving social platform (p.s. we’re personally down with the whole credits thing)
    4. If Super Mario Brothers was made in 2010, it might be a little more social