Introducing Our Support Team

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Hi Runaway fans,

My name is Lisa and I would like to introduce myself as the new Community Manager here at Runaway!

On behalf of everyone, I want to thank you for your overwhelming support over the past week during this migration process. It has been all hands on deck here, with everyone in the team jumping in to reply to support requests, including Tim, our Director, Bryce, our Quality Assurance Lead, Jeff, our Senior Gameplay Engineer and Zoe, our Senior Producer – everyone here has been fixing issues to ensure everyone can migrate smoothly. We really, really appreciate your support and goodwill, and want you to know that everyone in the office is very grateful that we have such a wonderful community.

Now that Runaway is a self-publisher, we have a dedicated team specifically handling all support issues. This is myself as Community Manager, and our direct Customer Support, Cody!

Cody has just moved to New Zealand all the way from the United States! He has lived in many places there including Columbus, Ohio and Seattle, Washington, New York, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Texas as well as Ontario, Canada. He decided to move to New Zealand because of the stunning landscapes and friendly people! His favourite butterfly in Flutter is the Kingpage Swallowtail and in Splash his favourite underwater creature is the Tiger-tail Seahorse.

Cody will be managing your customer support requests, responding to any queries, general enquires or problems faced either Flutter or Splash and ensuring these are fixed as soon as possible.

As I mentioned, I am the Community Manager. This means I will be communicating directly with the wonderful fans of Flutter and Splash on all forms of social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I am currently part time here at Runaway but will be starting full time very soon once I finish my dissertation in film and media at the University of Otago. I love the Corrina Daggerwing butterfly in Flutter and adore all of the jellyfish set in Splash.

Expect to see lots of cool new videos and blog posts very soon from me. These will range from behind-the-scenes interviews, snippets of what goes on at Runaway HQ, as well as cool game tips and updates in both Flutter and Splash. I can’t wait to share all of the exciting developments that will be going on in the future!

What both Cody and myself love about working here at Runaway is the incredibly friendly atmosphere, the amazing passion that the small but dedicated team have for the games and working with a very engaging fan community. Playing with Butterflies for work is also an added bonus!

We thank you again for your continued support, without you – the players – we wouldn’t be able to have this amazing opportunity.


The Great Migration


Migration for both games is now in full swing! Many players around the world have already successfully made the switch and collected their rewards. Flutter players are also chasing a brand new set of butterflies and expanding their forests further than ever before.

Our new support team are working super hard to help everyone experiencing problems. Thankfully that’s only a small fraction of people, but that’s still a LOT of messages for our small team to respond to, so please be patient and stick with us.

We’ve summarised the key issues players are experiencing with Flutter over on Facebook, and remember, we have a brand new support page!

Thanks everyone, this is an incredibly exciting time for us. We’re so appreciative of all your support, and feel super lucky to have such cool fans :)


A New Era


Dear Runaway fans,

We have some very exciting news to share. After three wonderful years of partnership with our publisher DeNA, Runaway are expanding to become a self publisher. That means the same team that is responsible for the creation of Splash and Flutter will now also control their customer support, marketing, quality assurance, the whole lot!

Within both games you will see messaging describing an upcoming “migration”, which is a process we’ll go through to transfer your progress from DeNA to Runaway. This should happen smoothly for most players, and we’ll be here to help every step along the way if something should go amiss. Today you will see the first game update, starting the process of transferring your game to our servers. There will be a second update in a few weeks. When the process is complete you’ll have a reward of Flutterbucks and Splashcash waiting on the other side, and Flutter players will have a whole new core set of butterflies to collect!

We’re making this transition so we can have a more direct connection with YOU, our fans. That means customer support, marketing and quality assurance will all sit in the same room as the developers creating the games. This transition will result in some awesome new updates to both games later this year, and a fantastic new dedicated customer support team who are starting with us soon and are super excited to meet you all.

This is a huge step for Runaway, and the success that has made this possible is totally down to our player support. We are hugely grateful to you, and will take this opportunity to build one of the best player, community, and customer experiences in the world of mobile gaming.

Thank you all so much,

The Runaway Team


Splash Update: The Shop is Here!

Splash’s first major update has arrived on Android and iOS!
Version 1.1 comes jam packed full of new features including:

  • The Shop:
    Head into the menu to find our shiny new shop full of all the goodies you’ll need to make your ocean thrive. Make sure to check back often as these deals will change every day.
  • Treasure Chests:
    These little chests will show up in your sanctuary every couple hours, and can contain anything from shells to upgrade items, and sometimes Splashcash. You’ll get a free chest daily.
  • Who Drops This Item?:
    Tap on egg ingredients in your Aquapedia to see which fish will drop them.
  • Visual Effects:
    The crab now kicks up sand while digging, plus we’ve added extra bubbles and sparkles. Pretty!
  • Notifications Options:
    Scroll down in the settings menu to toggle notifications for eggs, decor, and fish.
  • Gifting:
    Additional gifts can now be purchased for 2 Splashcash (don’t worry, you’ll still get 5 freebies every day), plus when opening gifts you’ll see the name of the friend who sent it as it pops open.

Whew. That’s a lot of stuff! So what do you think – are you enjoying the new features? Let us know in the comments below!


Jonas shares a cool discovery about Longwing Butterflies

While researching butterflies for Flutter’s latest event, Jonas came across an exciting discovery. Check out the video to find out what it was, and collect your own Longwing butterflies in Flutter!


Splash is here!

Our new game, Splash, is now available worldwide for both iOS and Android devices! Click here to download and get started on your underwater adventure

This game is a culmination of our learning over the last 3 years of developing and refining Flutter. You’ll notice a lot of familiar elements in there, but also a lot of change. And of course this is only the beginning. There are so many cool new features, characters, and events coming, so the more feedback we get from you, the better informed we’ll be for refining the best experience possible.

We’re so excited to finally share this new chapter with all our amazing players, and welcome a whole new bunch of friends to the Runaway family. Now that you can see these two games alongside each other, you can probably see the direction we’re going in. Our vision is to continue expanding this series to cover a whole range of natural environments using the template we’ve established with Flutter. They will all represent amazing real world species, be focused on mobile, free to play, and constantly evolving as we add new species, environments, and special events.

Thanks again for all your support, and please spread the word about Splash far and wide! :)


Top 5 Community Questions, Answered!

On our last behind-the-scenes we asked what you’d like to know about Runaway and our games. We’ve hand picked the top 5 questions to be answered, plus the lucky players who asked them will be receiving a groovy Flutter sticker pack!


Behind-The-Scenes With Tim

It’s a tough job being Runaway’s Director, but someone has to do it 😛
This week Tim took a few minutes to sit down and chat with me about the thrills and challenges of his job, what new surprises we have in store, and how a few lucky Flutter fans could win some awesome sticker packs!


What a Journey


We can’t believe it’s been two years since Flutter first arrived on the App Store. What a incredible journey it has been bringing this game to you guys and growing the amazingly supportive community that has sprouted up around it.

Two years on we have so much to celebrate and be thankful for. 2 million wonderful people have downloaded the game, our player base is at an all-time high, our team continues to expand, and we’ve just had our best performing event yet. This game has so much life left in it too. So many people yet to discover it. So many new cool species, creatures, and gameplay features.

And perhaps most excitingly, Flutter is about to have company. We’re expanding the Runaway portfolio and taking you to a whole new amazing part of the natural world. This new title and Flutter will grow together in harmony, feeding off each other’s expansion and eventually crossing over in their gameplay. Hold tight, April is not far away.

In the meantime, we’ve got a great weekend sale and bonus for you in Flutter. Head over to the game or Facebook page for all the details. It’s our little way of saying thanks for making this all possible.


Behind-The-Scenes With Jonas


For the latest instalment of our behind-the-scenes series, I caught up with the man in charge of making sure our games remain factual yet fun – the one and only Jonas! Here’s what he had to say about the thrills and challenges of being Runaway’s Researcher:

Take us back to the beginning; how did you get started at Runaway?
I actually applied as a programmer since I studied gaming in my undergrad. It wasn’t until the interview that we realised my more recent experience as a researcher would really come in handy for what the company was trying to achieve.

What goes on in a typical day as a researcher? Can you tell us more about how the butterfly sets are selected?
I work closely with the art and design teams, so it’s really important for me to catch up with them and what they’ve been working on. Sometimes they’ll have the entire set planned out, in which case I go straight to finding all the facts and reference images for them. Other times only one or two butterflies will have been chosen, so it’s up to me to create a shortlist of ten or so butterflies, then narrow them down to the final set. It’s really great working with other teams, as we often want to choose different butterflies depending on whether we’re coming from an art or research perspective, but in the end we always choose a bit of both to create the perfect set.

What’s the most challenging part of your role?
Finding out that many butterflies in the game are really struggling in the wild. For instance, the Mountain Snow Apollo love laying their eggs at a high altitude, but the changing climate is wiping out their eggs and they’re having a really hard time. Even more common species, like Monarchs, are facing challenges. Fortunately there are great ways be involved, from planting caterpillar friendly gardens, to finding your nearest Lepidoptera (butterfly) society. See what you can find out about your favourites from Flutter!

On the flip side, what’s the best thing about your role?
Geeking out about butterflies! Being able to learn about the unique behaviours of all these species, then sharing this knowledge with the players. It’s so awesome imagining people seeing these butterflies for the first time and being blown away that these magnificent creatures exist. I couldn’t ask for a better job!

What do you get up to when you’re not at Runaway HQ?
I spend as much time as I can outdoors, hiking, snorkelling…
The rest of the time I’m working on my masters thesis in science communication, investigating how factual games like Flutter can connect people with nature. It’s really awesome seeing how educational games don’t necessarily have to be dull, and in most cases can be more entertaining due to their connection to conservation and raising awareness about the natural world.

Are there any books or websites you’d recommend to anyone who’s interested in learning more about butterflies?
I use and quite a lot in my research. There’s also a beautiful book called Butterflies of the World by H.L. Lewis (ISBN:  0-517-48165-0). It’s full of great butterfly facts, and pages upon pages of gorgeous images!

Thanks Jonas! Is there anything you’d like to say to all the readers out there?
I’d be super keen to hear what conservation groups our fans are interested in, which museums they like to visit, and anything else along those lines. Let us know in the comments.

Oh, and if anyone’s worried about us running out of butterflies in Flutter, don’t panic – there’s roughly 20,000 species to get through. 174,000 if we extend that to moths!