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Welcome Bunny Buddies 🐰💕

Ready to hop into the wonderful world of bunny care? Whether you're just beginning to explore the idea of bunny companionship or already picturing a fluffy friend hopping around your home, you've come to the right place. Below you will find tips for those new to bunny care, plus an interactive map to help you find nearby bunny sanctuaries!

Bunny Care 101: Tips for a Hoppy Life 🌿

1. Hay All Day
Your bunny's diet should be hay, hay, and more hay! Seriously, 80% of their diet should be grass hay. It keeps their digestion smooth and their teeth in check.


2. Veg Out
Fresh leafy greens are the bunny equivalent of hitting the salad bar. Variety is key to optimal health and happiness!


3. Hydration Station
Clean fresh water is a must. Keep that bunny hydrated for all the hopping, skipping, and jumping they'll do.


4. Bunny-proofing
These little explorers love to chew. Protect your cables, furniture, and your bunny by bunny-proofing your home.


5. Social Butterflies
Bunnies are social animals and thrive on interaction. Spend quality time with them daily for a happy, well-adjusted bunny.


6. Spay or Neuter
This not only prevents unexpected bunny babies but also reduces the risk of cancer and behavioral issues.


7. Vet Visits
Regular check-ups with a rabbit-savvy vet can catch health issues early and keep your bunny hopping happily.


8. Litter Training
Yes, bunnies can be litter trained! It keeps their area clean and makes your life easier.


9. Playtime
Encourage play in a secure space, with toys, tunnels, and even cardboard boxes for entertainment. While Bunnies relish a midday chill, ensure to schedule playtime in the mornings and evenings to maintain their activity levels.


10. Unique Personalities
Every bunny has their quirks. Love and understand them, and they'll be your BFF (Best Fluffy Friend).

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Serious about Bunny Companionship?

If you are serious about adding a new bunny to your home, here are some other resources we think could help:

RSPCA advice for Bunny Care

Bunny Locator

Ready to meet your new best friend? Our interactive map will guide you to local bunny sanctuaries.

Please fill out our form below if you want a rescue listed, or have feedback on any of the ones we have listed:

Bunny locator form 

Disclaimer: We are not associated with, nor do we endorse or promote any of the sanctuaries listed on the map.

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