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At Runaway, we're passing on our expertise as mobile game developers and publishers to other up-and-coming developers, partnering with them and providing publishing services to help make their games a success.

Let's Grow Together

We collaborate with developers as if they were an extension of our team. You'll get an inside look at the processes that have helped our games succeed, and some new friends who understand what it takes to scale your game in a very challenging market. 

Our core goal is to grow together - partnering your original and innovative game idea with our publishing expertise in order to create more success than if we operate individually.


Game makers at heart

Because we also make games, we understand the complexities and costs of game development. Our recommendations are always based on the considerations of time and ROI (return on investment), so you can rest assured that we will focus on the areas that positively impact profit the most. 

Publishing Services

As your publisher, we can provide a variety of services depending on the needs of your game.

  • Game design

  • Analytics

  • Monetization

  • Marketing

  • Localization

  • Licensing

  • Platform knowledge

  • Mentoring & advice


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